poem of love

"I freed one thousand slaves and could have freed one thousand more if they knew they were slaves"
-Harriet Tubman

We are still in a form of slavery today it’s just the masters are now bosses.


I dont view genesis as a literal account of creation but instead a story about the creation of “life”….God said let there be light in the 3rd verse but didnt create the sun until day 3 .. So how could it be a literal account. The light was consciousness which formed the sun. Nobody knows when the world is ending or when it began .. Not man or Jesus only the “Father”

Who was really the “wrong” one in the Dark Knight? Batman was protecting people with no morals and doesnt even care about them meanwhile Joker was trying to prove to batman that the people are just as wicked as they claim the Joker to be. Most People are only “good” when they are comfortable!

I bet if you looked me into my eyes you would have this unexplainable feeling of being paralyzed because I told you piles and piles of lies one on top of the other


Guilty and I’m broken down inside. I don’t know how I’m living with myself right now cause of full of nothing but lies. And I feel oh so cold living in a shell with no soul.